My Philosophy

Any Age, Any Level Welcome!

 My intention is to have you understand what happens to the ball, club and your body in a good (and bad) golf shot.  Additionally, I want you to know why it's beneficial and easier to be consistent hitting a certain way and how to re-program your mind and body to accomplish this sometimes counter intuitive game.

The direction of our lesson plans will depend on the student’s available time and energy to put into setting achievable measurable goals. Most situations call for good explanations which helps the student understand and build off of the info given rather than just a list of things to remember (especially if the list contradicts itself).

So how do we help someone become a better golfer?  It starts with an evaluation of where your golf game is now.

  1. How are you swinging the club and how are you hitting the ball?
  2. Is your ball flight consistent and repeatable?
  3. Do you have short game skills that allow you to maximize your scoring potential?
  4. Are you managing your game effectively when on the golf course?

Learn how to practice productively! For those of you who do great practicing, but can't do it well on the course, we have to get you to bridge the gap from the range to the course. I have exercises that simulate playing from the range and we can practice on the course.

That is the basis of my Teaching Philosophy. If you can improve the way you swing the club, you will improve your ball flight and its consistency. If you can combine that with improved short game skills and the way you manage your game on the course, not only will you play better golf, you will also shoot lower scores.

I believe that all golfers have the potential to improve. In fact it is my number one goal for every student. When golfers improve they get more enjoyment from the game, and more importantly they have more fun.

Brad Maynard

Head Golf Professional

Shelbyville Country Club